Founded in 1990, Global Research has quickly established an impressive and devoted clientele. The reason is simple: Global Research has created a unique alternative to the industry's well-established recruitment options. The insight of the company's founder and President, Richard R. Wolf, has resulted in greater success in all areas of recruitment.
Professional Profile

Ric began his career with Arthur Andersen in New York.  His desire to develop and sell innovative recruitment alternatives brought him to Interdatum, a pioneer in the Search Research industry.  There he progressed through the company rapidly and made Partner before leaving in 1990 to form Global Research.

At Global Research, Ric’s two objectives were to develop the industry’s best research staff and a research methodology that would provide their clients with quality and timely search research results.

Their loyal, impressive global client following and repeat business has proven that Global Research is truly an industry leader.


Ric holds an M.A. in Industrial Psychology at New York University and a B.S. from Rutgers University in the same discipline.

Additionally, he performed Organizational Development studies for Bristol-Myers, Mass Transit Department and Ashridge Management Center (in England).
Our staff consists of 24 seasoned professional recruiters with a minimum of 15 years of business experience. All are well-versed in presenting opportunities to executives at all levels.

Industry Expertise
Countries Researched

Targeted Contact Research
Talent Mapping
Third Party Contacts
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Competitive Intelligence

Global Research offers clients an alternative to:
      Executive Search
      Contingency Firms
      Recruitment Advertising
      Internet Posting