Search Research
Target Contact Research
  • Clients provide us with a job description and a targeted list of companies that they would like researched.
  • We penetrate these companies to find the relevant contacts.
  • Then we present the opportunity and document each contact.
  • We then prepare a complete, customized resume on each appropriately positioned candidate who is interested in the opportunity.
  • We report why candidates are not interested in the opportunity.
  • We help set-up the interviews and the client "closes" the selected candidate.
Talent Mapping
  • Clients provide us with the companies that they would like information on and the title/functions of interest.
  • We provide a list of the names, titles and telephone numbers of the individuals from these targeted companies
Third-Party Contacts
  • Clients provide us with the names of individuals whom they would like us to screen for interest.
  • We provide the resumes of interested and qualified candidates as well as reasons why some individuals are not interested in the opportunity.
Reference Checks
  • Confirmation of work relationship with reference.
  • Tone of reference?
  • Relationship with reference?
  • Years they have worked and have known each other?
  • Why is candidate interested in a new position?
  • Confirmation of previous position.
  • Development needs for future success?
  • Comments?
  • Additional tailored questions to address hiring manager’s concerns?
Competitive Intelligence
  • Gather information about your industry and your competitors that is necessary for strategic planning and maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Tell us what you need and we can research by product line, location, or individuals within competitive companies.
  • Compensation Surveys
  • Entrance Interviews
  • Exit Interviews

Industry Expertise
Countries Researched

Targeted Contact Research
Talent Mapping
Third Party Contacts
Reference Checks
Competitive Intelligence

Global Research offers clients an alternative to:
      Executive Search
      Contingency Firms
      Recruitment Advertising
      Internet Posting